The Mum Show

The Mum Show

Someone once said, “Motherhood is not for the fainthearted” – and boy do we agree! Before this pandemic swept the nations, being a mum was both the most rewarding job in the world, but also often one riddled with exhaustion, self-doubt, and fear. And now in this crazy season, not only are we mums, but teachers, playmates and entertainers.

The Mum Show, hosted by Care for the Family is a twelve-part series on being a mum in today’s world … whatever that may look like. Each thirty-minute episode will feature honest conversations, moments of soul-searching, expert advice and even the occasional light-hearted digression. The first episode, Parenting in a Pandemic, will be released on 8 February, after which you’ll have access to the rest of the series.

You can watch the episodes anytime from 9.00 am 8 February until midnight 30 April.

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