Board Game Challenge 2

Board Game Challenge 2

This week we are playing Greater Ballyclare Monopoly. A fun game to play whilst out for a walk or at the supermarket! Please keep in mind current Covid restrictions and do play sensibly. The aim is to score the most points by ‘owning’ property! Prize again this week is a Domino’s Pizza Family Meal Deal.


  • You “own” property by taking a photo of yourself/a family member outside of the property.
  • You may own 4* new properties per day (post the 4* pictures to the Ballyclare Boardgame Challenge fb page). (*The number of properties you are allowed to own per day may change throughout the week – keep an eye on the FB page)
  • All properties are in the Greater Ballyclare Area.
  • You may steal someone else’s property by taking a picture of yourself or a family member outside the property you want to steal and post it to the page. (A great way to stop them getting a set πŸ˜‰) You can NOT use the same photo twice to reclaim a property if it’s been stolen – you must take a new pic! πŸ˜‰
  • The scores are counted on Wednesday 10th Feb at 12pm. You score for the properties you own at that time.
  • If you own a set you gain extra points! (20 extra points for properties on the bottom of the board, 30 extra points for properties on the left of the board, 40 extra points for properties on the top of the board or those on the right hand side of the board. 15 extra points for owning Sixmile leisure centre and B. Craig & Co.
  • The schools are worth 25 points each. You get an extra 5 points for the second, third and fourth school you own)

No points for passing Go! πŸ˜‰May the game begin! GO!


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