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Forms & Governance

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In the Church of Ireland, those over 18 and who subscribe to Parish funds can, if they sign what is called the Register of Vestry Members, attend and vote at the annual business meeting – held around Easter time and therefore referred to as the Easter Vestry. The forms below need only completed once by each person. Those people living within the boundaries of the Parish should complete the resident form and those living outside the boundaries of the Parish should complete the Accustomed form.


Health & Safety

Whilst the Church of God is primarily centred on each person’s spiritual growth and health (Love the Lord your God), it is also important that we care for one another (Love your neighbour). Therefore the health & wellbeing of evey person as they use our facilities on each site must be maintained. In accordance with Health & Safety Regulations, the following document outlines the Parish Health & Safety Policy. Should you require any further guidance, please contact the Hon Secretary of the Select Vestry.