National Day of Prayer

National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer on Saturday, 31st October is a call for Christians throughout Ireland to come to God in prayer and fasting. To really seek God with all our hearts and pray for an awakening of faith throughout this island and an outpouring of renewal upon the Church. This is an opportunity for a  concerted effort from churches and individuals of all denominations and backgrounds to come before God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, by the power and unity of the Holy Spirit, and cry out for our land

We are living in unprecedented times with a worldwide pandemic that is affecting every nation including Ireland. The effects have been devastating with all our lives impacted, our livelihoods curtailed, and our freedom restricted. As the months have passed, there has been a growing sense of hopelessness and fear as the situation has not improved but seems to be getting worse. Even with the gallant efforts of our health advisors and governments, the spread of Covid 19 has not declined. Without change, we are looking ahead to a long bleak winter.

Is there hope? The answer is ‘Yes’. With God there is always hope

Let us realise the importance of the days we are living in and the part we can play by responding to the call of God.

The apostle Paul exhorted the Ephesians to bring “all kinds of prayer and petitions” to God. We need to do the same. On Saturday please take 15 minutes to pray for our land.

How should I pray?

We come before a Father God who delights when his children run to him seeking his help and his guidance in their lives. Therefore how you come to pray should simply be about honesty. It’s not about platitudes and eloquent language – it’s about honesty. However you may also like structure to your prayers, and so here is a short guide that we hope will assist you.


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