12 at 12 – a call to pray

12 at 12 – a call to pray

12 at 12 – A call to pray for our country

The Apostle Paul encouraged those who read his letters to, “pray in the Spirit, on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests”. In the times that we face we all may want to give up. The daily news does not fill anyone with a sense of hope, and yet as Christians we carry the hope of the resurrection promise with us, which declares that even when something seems so bleak, Christ is able to overcome everything. The Psalmist declared in difficult times that “the Lord is my light and my salvation – so why should I be afraid” (Psalm 27). Therefore as God’s people we should call out to him with our concerns at this time, because when we pray, when we enter into a conversation with God, we are partnering with him to seek his Kingdom in every situation. We are not alone.

In recent weeks I have been prompted by God through several people that we should not sit and remain passive through this current lockdown. We should be active in our engagement with God. Therefore I am calling on us all to commit daily to pray for our country, for our NHS, for our schools, for those deeply affected by the destruction which this pandemic brings. There is incredible strength and energy when the people of God are united around one thing. So will you commit to pray?

To make things easy to remember, I am asking that you take a few minutes every day at 12 noon, and pray for 12 things – 12 at 12. If you have more time, then why not commit to using some of the Coronavirus prayer resources on the 24-7 Prayer page (https://www.24-7prayer.com/coronavirusprayer). But if all you can give is a few minutes, then commit everyday to pray for these 12 things. Maybe put an alarm on your phone or something similar so that you don’t become occupied in something else. At this time there is nothing more important that you could do. If you don’t know what to say in your prayers, just talk to God, tell him what is on your heart – he is listening.

Thank you for joining with other brothers and sisters in these critical times. Be encouraged that nothing is too hard for God (Jeremiah 32:17).

Revd Jonny

12 at 12 – use these 12 pointers to guide your prayers each day

Pray for :

  1. The Health Minister, Robin Swann MLA;
  2. The Northern Ireland Executive and the decisions they make;
  3. The Education Minister, Peter Weir MLA;
  4. The 6 Health Trusts (5 trusts plus the Ambulance Service);
  5. Our doctors, nurses, surgeons, and all health staff;
  6. ICU staff who treat the most critically ill patients;
  7. Patients who are currently in hospital or at home ill with Coronavirus, and those awaiting treatment for other conditions;
  8. Care homes and staff looking after the elderly and weak;
  9. For children’s education and parents assisting in home schooling;
  10. Head Teachers, Teachers, and support staff;
  11. The effective roll-out of the vaccination programme ;
  12. In a season of chaos, pray that God’s people – his Church, may embody the hope that comes only from Jesus, and that this may be a time of great revival as people turn back to God.