Board Game Challenge #5

Board Game Challenge #5

This is the final week of our challenge and we are playing ‘ Scattergories!’

This is a fun game to play with the family-but please do take into consideration current restrictions and play carefully.

The winning family will get a Dominos Pizza Family Meal Deal!

Aim: to win the most points by guessing the same answer as me!

How to play:

There are 8 categories.

You must chose an answer for each category beginning with the letter R

You must submit an image of a family member with your answer for each category.

You can submit up to 2 answers per category.

In each category points will be awarded as follows:

The person who submits the correct answer first will get 10 points,

The person who submits the correct answer second will get 8 points,

6 points for the 3rd correct answer

and 4 points for the 4th correct answer.

There is also the chance to win bonus points answers we consider clever or funny!

(We will post pictures of the correct answers on Wednesday after 12pm. after which the winner will be announced.)


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