Board Game Challenge 4

Board Game Challenge 4

This week we are playing “The LOGO Game”

This is a fun game to play with the family whilst out for a walk or doing your shopping! – but please do take into consideration current restrictions and play carefully.

The winning family will get a Dominos Pizza Family Meal Deal.


To win points by collecting UPTO 6 logos.


  • A logo is “collected” by finding the logo on an item and taking a picture of it with a family member, then posting it to the Ballyclare Boardgame Challenge FB page thread.
  • Once a logo has been collected, it cannot be collected by another person.
  • Each logo has been assigned a random positive or negative value e.g +10 points, – 7 points etc.
  • These points are then totalled on Wednesday 3rd March, and that is your final score.
  • You will find out the points of each logo as you post them.
  • You can only collect UPTO 6 logos.
  • Once you collect a logo you cannot “un-collect” it.
  • The game finished at 12pm on Wednesday 3rd March – Winners will be announced that afternoon.


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