Board Game Challenge 3

Board Game Challenge 3

This week we are playing Cluedo On Tour

Please do join in, someone said “these challenges are a great way to keep the kids motivated whilst out for a walk with the dog!” The winning family gets a Domino’s Pizza Family Meal Deal. Please bear in mind current restrictions and do play sensibly.

AIM: To solve the murder of Dr Black by posting a photo of the winning combination.

You need a location, an object and to be wearing a particular colour in the photo to represent the character. Please also write your combination in your post e.g. “Mrs Peacock at the town hall with a candlestick!”



  • the kitchen,
  • the living room,
  • the toilet,
  • the garden…


  • Greys Restaurant,
  • Town Hall,
  • Ballyclare library,
  • Blooms Tearooms.


  • Candlestick,
  • scissors,
  • Iron (not turned on!),
  • plant pot,
  • rope,
  • hammer


  • Miss Scarlet (Red)
  • Rev Green (Green)
  • Col. Mustard (Yellow)
  • Prof. Plum (Purple)
  • Mrs. Peacock (Blue)
  • Mrs. White (White)


  • You can submit 2 pictures per day by posting them beneath the game FB post on “Ballyclare Boardgame challenge” FB page, but this may increase as the week goes on…keep an eye on the page. (We will then comment on the pictures to let you know how much of the combination is correct!)
  • You must have a family member in the picture.
  • You must be wearing a dominant colour e.g. on a hat, scarf, coat, jumper etc to represent the character
  • You must write out the combination of location, object and colour on your post.
  • The game is over at 12pm on Wednesday 17th March or when the first person to submit the correct combination is announced as the winner.

Contact Dianne via email for more info.


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