Board Game Challenge 1

Board Game Challenge 1

We have created a fun, interactive game for families to enjoy at their leisure. A series of 6 weekly challenges based on your favourite board games. Each week the winning family gets a Domino’s Pizza Meal Deal.

The more letters you use from the scrabble rack = the more points you receive.
Each letter is worth the assigned scrabble points.
Letters can only be used once E.G. if there are two “A”s in the street sign you only score points for one of them.
If you manage to get any of your letters in order, as seen on the scrabble rack, you score double points for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th letter etc in the correct order.
If you use ALL of the letters – you score double points.
All the words on the street sign are valid/able to be used for the game.
The first person to enter with the highest score – Wins!
You can enter as many times as you would like.
All entries must be photographed with at least one member of your family in the shot! 😉
A street sign is the name of the street.
All entries will be posted to the FB page.
The Winner will be announced on Ballyclare Boardgame Challenge FB Page at 5pm on Wednesday 3nd February.


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