CMS Ireland

CMS Ireland

CMSI is a Christian mission organisation that exists to help God’s people engage in God’s mission. ​CMSI is part of the global CMS family, which was established in 1799 with a threefold focus:

  • the abolition of the slave trade
  • social reform at home
  • world evangelisation

CMSI’s own story started in 1814, with the formation of the Hibernian Church Missionary Society. Since then, we’ve worked with the Church – in Ireland and across the world – as it responds to both spiritual and physical needs. Its history, identity and most of its work is associated with the Anglican Communion, but we work across denominations to equip the Church in mission.

Urban Development Programme (UDP), Nairobi, Kenya

Isabelle Prondzynski

The Urban Development Programme has its home in All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi. Isabelle Prondzynski is the CMSI Mission Associate, based in UDP. During her years working for the EU in Brussels, Isabelle continued her link with the UDP. Now, having retired, she has moved back to live in Nairobi. Within this programme is the Tujisaidie Community Centre School and the Tumaini African Foundation (TAF).

Antony Njoroge

TAF is led by Antony Njoroge who coordinates a number of outreach programmes including a food aid scheme for children, mentoring young leaders, providing support to mothers with babies, and the development of a new Centre of Excellance.

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