Sunday kids

Sunday kids

We have a busy Sunday programme for children and youth of all ages. The programme is mainly discipleship orientated with lots of fun and creativity! 

Christ Church

All age Sunday school (10.15am)

Our Sunday school programme is for all children in P1 – Yr 9. Kids leave the service after 15mins and then walk down to the church halls where we split into Junior and senior groups. Here they explore God’s word through stories, games, and craft.

St John’s

​​Crèche (11:30am)

We have a crèche at St John’s for those aged 0-4. The crèche is volunteer led and enables parents to engage with worship. 

JAM (11:45am) 

JAM is our Sunday school programme for those in P1-P6. We offer an exciting programme including playing games, singing songs, listening to stories and getting creative with crafts!

Lighthouse (11:45am) 

Lighthouse is our Sunday school programme for those in P7 – Yr 10.  It’s always a fun and energetic gathering that explores Gods word together in a creative way! 

Teen Bible study (11:40am)

For those aged 14+ we’d love to encourage you to join our Teenage bible study group. We meet weekly (except during family services) at church where we explore God’s word together and drink hot chocolate mountains! (You can never have enough cream and mallows!)

Youth Fellowship (7pm – 9pm)

YF is the highlight of most of our teens week! We meet Sunday evening at St John’s Church hall. The programme runs for two hours giving youth space to catch up with friends (or make new ones!), grab some snacks from the tuck shop, try something creative, play sports and games, and hear something of God’s love and plan for their life, finishing with tea and toast together. We also enjoy termly outings e.g. We are Vertigo, Bowling, let’s go hydro, trampoline park etc.

If you want more details on our programme of events, contact the Parish Office.