New Here?

I'm new here

If you are new to the area or simply want to come along and see what our church is like then please be assured of a warm welcome.  There are no special requirements to attend -you don’t have to know anything about church or faith or even dress a certain way!  Both our churches will have welcome people at the door and they will be happy to have a quick chat with you and answer any questions you might have.


What do I do when I arrive at church on a Sunday?

Both churches (10am in Ballynure and 11:30am in Ballyclare) have free car parking nearby (see the ‘Find us’ page for directions) and it is usual for most people to start arriving around 15 minutes before the church service starts.  However do not worry if you arrive late as there are many ‘regular’ attenders that arrive late from time to time!
On arrival you’ll be welcomed and given a Hymn book, Prayer book (more on this later) and notice sheet on what’s happening throughout the week.  A Bible is also available in the pew seating.  The Ballyclare service however, has all the worship songs, readings and prayers on large screens in the church so the books are not necessary (although available if you would like them).
There are no reserved seats so you can sit wherever you like in the pews.
At the Ballyclare service there is free tea, coffee, hot chocolate and traybake/bun available each week from 11:00am at front door of the church.

How to you ‘do church’?

Our worship on Sunday mornings is based on the Church of Ireland Prayer book and this simply means that it will involve a mixture of singing together,  readings from the Bible, prayers, Bible teaching and also ‘responses’ -where the congregation will read out together sentences about our faith in response to the Minister who leads from the front.  These responses are all contained within a Prayer book (The Book of Common Prayer) that is available when you arrive and the minister guides us through it page by page.  In the Ballyclare service these responses, songs and readings are often on the large screens at the front.

Is there a difference between the two churches?

Both churches are part of a ‘United Parish’ and share their activities and ministry.  The two services on a Sunday share the same Church of Ireland format but worship in slightly different ‘styles’.  The Christchurch, Ballynure service, while being family friendly and welcoming, is also more traditional and contemplative while the St. John’s, Ballyclare service has a more informal ‘feel’ to the service.  

What sort of people will be there?

Our churches contain a great mix of people from young to old and from many different backgrounds.  There is no ‘right type’ of person for church -it is for everyone!  Our people are all different but they tend to have a common a desire to follow Jesus Christ and serve the community around us (and beyond).  

Does it cost anything to attend?

No.  There is an ‘offering’ time during each service where given is received but there is no obligation for you to do so.  Established church members will give to the church on a regular basis and this pays for all of it’s ministry however visitors are not expected to.

Will I get to meet the minister of the church?

The minister leads the ministry of our churches and usually leads and teaches at both services so you will get to meet him there.  He will often call round to meet people in their homes (or out for coffee) that are interested in joining church and if you would like to arrange for this then please give him your details or leave them with the office

Do I have to be a member of the church to attend (or have a child attend) any of the church organisations?

Our church based organisations are also open to all and no prior membership of the church is required to attend, but it can be useful to give David in the office a quick ring first if you want to attend yourself or send a child/young person along for the first time.  Tel: 028 9335 4814

Do I have to go every week?

No!  There is no ‘attendance’ kept but, like with many things, the more you go the more you will get out of it.

Can the church support me in any way?

Yes we can.  There are number of ministries that may be of help for you and we have a community that is supportive (Please see the ‘Here for You’ section).  Our ultimate aim, however is that you would come to know the ultimate support in your life that is new life in Jesus Christ.  

Sunday Services

Christ Church: 10am

St John's: 11.30am

Early Communion 8:30 2nd Sundays Christ Church

Midweek Communions 12noon St John's


Contact Us

The United Parish
St John's Parish Office
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Parish Office:

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